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Links exchange

Links. Rules of thematic exchange

We will gladly exchange links with informative and quality websites similar themes on a reciprocal basis. To do this you need ...

  1. разместить у себя на сайте нашу ссылку:
    <a href=""> internet magazine - Problems of local self-government</a>

  2. нашу кнопку:
    <a href=""> <img src=">" width='88' height='31' alt="internet magazine - Problems of local self-government"></a>

  3. send your link to the website administrator at indicating the page where you link to us!
  4. await notification of deployment - being tested 2-3 days.
  5. how it will look like:

    internet magazine - Problems of local self-government internet magazine - Problems of local self-government

! - backlinks periodically checked, the perpetrators removed!

Your proposal will be considered* and, if approved the moderator** to check if a backlink), your link will appear in our catalog.

** exchange theme: the media - newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, news, catalogs similar themes

* to exchange links can not be accepted websites that are contrary to Russian Federation laws


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