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Judicial and Investigative Practice

Work with personnel in the Internal Affairs
History and development of interrogation
Criminal procedure in medieval Europe
Criminal cases on corrupt offences
Pretrial agreement of cooperation during the investigation of of bribery
Causes of socially dangerous technogenic accidents
Verification of Evidence in the Investigation of Crimes
Plea bargaining - international experience
Frauds in the provision of mobile services
Organized drug crime and modern technologies
Procedural terms in civil and arbitration Justice
Forming of the indictment in a criminal case
Arrest of property as a mean of ensuring of the civil claim
Reasons for rehabilitation in the criminal process
Prevention of crimes in the justice process in Russia
Mechanism of burglary
Removal of socially dangerous consequences of crime
Criminal process in the U.S. - a brief description
Legal culture and crime (an interview with a lawyer)
Kings of the judiciary
The service's own security MIA RF (part 2)
Bankruptcy proceedings of credit organizations
Who caught the "Bitza maniac"? (interview with the investigator)
Lawyer and Company
The service's own security MIA RF (interview)
Unusable weapons
Mistakes investigator
The reasons for the degradation of environmental legislation
Offences Against the Person
Causing property damage by means of deception
The rights of prisoners in pre-revolutionary Russia
About passports
The legitimate rights of consumers when purchasing goods
The balance of private and public interests
The practice of cases of administrative offences
The European Court of Human Rights
The right to protection
Where Europe ends and Russia begins?

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